Positive reinforcement: why you need a dream team

We have all heard it before, the sacred vow of self-acceptance: to find true love you must first learn to love yourself.

But what happens when you’re struggling to find that self-love? When you’ve had a no good, very bad day…or week…or month? When you’re feeling down on yourself and your self-esteem is low? The moment when you just don’t feel like you’re good enough or good at anything. I mean, we have all been there. I know I have. I am a professional beat-myself-upper, remember?

We’re told that our strength comes from within, that our value is something that only we can define. I believe wholeheartedly in both of these statements. But sometimes you need a quick shot of self-esteem and you can’t be your own cheerleader when you’re also being your own enemy. That’s where the dream team comes in.

As much as we work to accept and love ourselves, sometimes a little positive reinforcement from an external source goes a long way. Sometimes, that’s all we really need…and that’s okay. You’re no less of a person because you need to hear a little something encouraging. You’re human.

Be it your sister, your best friend, the girl from your yoga class, your dream team is a valuable asset on your path to self-love. They are the people that possess the power to remind you how awesome you are…and they do it. Your dream team, whoever they are, recognizes good in you when you can’t see it and they help you fill your self-love shot glass. Surround yourself with these people. Accept the shots they pour and pour them right back. I mean, who doesn’t want to get drunk in love?!

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