Do the crazy thing.

If I there is a sentence I’ve heard more than any other in my life it would be: “You are totally crazy.” I used to think crazy was a bad thing. As it turns out, crazy is a courage thing.

After leaving university, and still sometimes now, I found myself battling against the stress of the unknown. School provided a safe and reliable way of measuring success, of measuring progress. Success had a formula to follow. In many ways, this programmed me to build a life that followed suit. If you stay on this track, you’ll get this job, make this money, get this car…you get the gist. It’s not really so abnormal, “everyone” is doing it. It’s not so crazy. What does seem to be crazy, to most people at least, is to stray off that track. To define success in a different way and to measure it according to new standards. To me, this doesn’t sound crazy at all. It sounds like courage.

We have countless opportunities to define the rules of the game. The game, after all, is yours and yours alone. It’s yours to play and it’s yours to live. Whether big steps off the track or small, these steps are your own and little by little, they will create a clear path to your success. Maybe this means getting the haircut you’ve been thinking of but were to scared to try. Perhaps it’s applying for that job you feel unqualified for. It could be buying that promo plane ticket, or even falling in love when you least expect it.

Take the step. Do the crazy thing. Have the courage to define your own success….and then look back to see how far you’ve come. 

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  1. Crazy vs Bright.

    Crazy people act without a lack vision of what they want to accomplish, without knowing what is driving them to act as they do. They fail to comunicate and help others since they have no direction, no chance to lead. There is no real passion, since you can’t fight for things you are not aware of.

    Bright people can seem crazy to others because of both that same passion and their ability to challenge others by taking different angles in life, However they have all that their crazy cousins lack: passion, direction and awareness. Properly undestood, they can only help others to explore new experiences and thus make their life more exciting.

    Keep shinning, embracing change and “buying that promo plane ticket, or even falling in love when you least expect it.”

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