Hmm. Where to begin. Well, the beginning I suppose…

I’m Gina!

According to my grandmother, I’ve always had a wandering feet and a full belly. My family has always struggled to keep me in once place. For that, I blame (and deeply thank) the women in my life who have come from all over the world, full of stories and dreams. They gave me the gift of imagination – imagining other places, other people, other worlds different than my own.

They encouraged to me explore the world and showed me how to find magic in my own backyard. Between trips to the Philippines to see where my mom ate halo halo as a kid or sending me to sleep-away camp in Santa Cruz, I carved out my character through adventure.

Fast forward to “adult Gina” and I can say with certainty that I am the happiest version of myself when I am out exploring. However, I also know that I can’t runaway to an uncharted island whenever I’m feeling blue.

I believe that happiness should be portable and that we can find that travel happy wherever we are.

If you’re like me and your head is often elsewhere, stick around. I’ll be telling stories from my travels and documenting my attempts to find that travel happy while staying put.

In the process, I hope to inspire you to chase adventure and hold onto what makes you feel good.